Wooden windows and linseed paint

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If you have your original wooden windows they probably look lovely, but it can be a real headache if the paint is constantly flaking off revealing rotten wood underneath.

Never fear, you don’t need to replace them with plastic ones!

Modern paints are not breathable and form a impenetrable layer over the surface of the wood.  Moisture gets trapped under the paint, causing the wood to rot and the paint to flake off. Modern paint companies say you should re-paint every three to five years, not a small job when you have to strip off all the old paint first.

If you use linseed paint instead, this soaks into and protects the wood instead of forming a layer over it. The paint never flakes or cracks, and lasts for many, many years, just needing freshening up every five years or so with a coat of linseed oil. No horrendous stripping!

The first time you use linseed paint, it takes a bit longer than modern paint, but the future maintenance is so much easier. It looks good too, with rich, natural looking colours and a nice sheen.