Extensions for period properties

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When you extend a period property, there are several extra considerations on top of the normal issues you will encounter when dealing with a contemporary property extension.

It is widely recognised that it can save both  time and money when dealing with a specialist restoration project if you employ people who are used to working with period buildings rather than relying on conventional builders and architects.

Ideally any extension to a period property should enable you to end up with the best of both worlds – the beauty and character of traditional materials blended together with the comfort of modern living. Finding this balance between retaining the original character and creating a functional living space is one of our strongest assets.

Knowledge on how to keep the proportions of an extension in line with the original building, retaining original features and avoiding an unnecessary mix-and-match of building styles will result in an extension that is in-keeping with the original house. This will not only improve the look of the extension, but is likely to add more value to the property than a mismatch of styles.

Contemporary and period bricks differ so much that getting the match right can make the difference between a successful build and a disappointing eyesore. With our specialist experience, we can help you with the challenge of matching bricks and materials – whether it involves using reclaimed materials, or having them custom made.

At Arcadia Restoration, we specialise in combining traditional and new techniques and materials to give you an extension that will blend in beautifully with your home with all the advantages of a modern property.